Is a Corgi Suitable for Beginners

Is a Corgi Suitable for Beginners?


Thinking of bringing a Corgi into your life? Explore the characteristics of these adorable dogs to make an informed decision. Discover the shedding, exercise needs, destructive tendencies, weight issues, temperament, and health considerations associated with...

Have you ever wondered if a Corgi is the right choice for a first-time dog owner? Understanding the following characteristics might help you arrive at a decision.Is a Corgi Suitable for Beginners

  1. Shedding:

    • Compared to other pet dogs, Corgis are prolific shedders, resembling walking dandelions throughout the year. Owners often complain about the constant need to clean up their abundant fur, making it challenging for those with a preference for cleanliness.
  2. High Exercise Requirements:

    • Contrary to the misconception that Corgis, with their smaller size, require less exercise, they actually have substantial energy levels. Daily walks for Corgis can rival those of medium-sized breeds like Golden Retrievers or Huskies, exceeding initial expectations.
  3. Destructive Behavior:

    • While Huskies are commonly known for their destructive tendencies, Corgis, especially before the age of three, can be equally proficient at wreaking havoc around the house.
  4. Predisposition to Obesity:

    • Approximately 7 out of 10 Corgis tend to be on the heavier side, making them prone to obesity. Their love for food, combined with a sedentary lifestyle, can result in weight-related health issues, including skeletal and joint problems.
  5. Temperament Challenges:

    • Novice Corgi owners often express dissatisfaction with their dogs' temperament, describing them as jealous or having low obedience levels. Some struggle with recalls during walks, finding Corgis less responsive compared to their expectations.
  6. Digestive Sensitivity:

    • Corgis are known for their delicate digestive systems, making them susceptible to stomach issues and diarrhea. If you're a first-time dog owner, especially, the required attention to their gastrointestinal health may be more than anticipated.

In conclusion, while Corgis are undeniably cute and lovable, their drawbacks may be challenging for some to accept. If you are considering bringing a Corgi into your home, it's essential to weigh these pros and cons carefully. Don't wait until after adoption to regret the decision—being a responsible owner means understanding and accepting the responsibilities associated with Corgi ownership.

Is a Corgi Suitable for Beginners

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