Road Trip Ready: 5 Best Dog Car Seats for Large Dogs in 2024

Road Trip Ready: 5 Best Dog Car Seats for Large Dogs in 2024


Find the perfect car seat for your big fur friend! Our guide explores the best options for comfort, safety, and stress-free adventures. Learn about different types, features, and pros & cons to choose the ideal...

Traveling with your large furry friend can be a joyous experience, but it's important to make sure they're safe and comfortable on the road. That's where a good dog car seat comes in.

Why Dog Car Seats Are Important for Large Dogs

  • Safety:  In an accident, an unrestrained dog can become a projectile, injuring themselves or others in the car. A proper car seat will help keep your dog secure in case of a sudden stop or collision.
  • Comfort:  A comfy car seat gives your dog a designated space to relax and snooze during the ride, reducing anxiety and car sickness.
  • Cleanliness:  A car seat can help protect your car's interior from dirt, hair, and drool.

Features to Consider for Large Dog Car Seats

  • Size:  Make sure the seat is big enough for your dog to sit or lie down comfortably.
  • Material:  Choose a durable and easy-to-clean material that can withstand scratches and drool.
  • Safety features:  Look for a seat with a secure tether or harness attachment to keep your dog restrained.
  • Easy to install and remove:  The seat should be easy to put in and take out of your car.
  • Washable cover:  A removable and washable cover is a must for easy cleaning.

Types of Dog Car Seats for Large Dogs: Exploring the Perfect Fit

Now that you know why car seats are essential for your furry friend and what features to look for, let's delve into the different types available for large dogs, each with its own set of pros and cons:

1. Backseat Car Bed:

Imagine your pup curled up in a cozy haven within your car. Backseat car beds offer just that - a plush, comfy space for them to relax and snooze during the journey. These typically resemble oversized, quilted cushions with bolsters on the sides for added support and security.

5 Best Dog Car Beds for large dogs


    • Ultimate comfort:  Provides a soft,  familiar,  and inviting space for your dog to rest and de-stress.
    • Reduces anxiety:  The enclosed design with bolsters can help anxious dogs feel secure and contained.
    • Easy to clean:  Many beds have removable and washable covers for convenient hygiene maintenance.


    • Limited space for larger dogs:  Might not be suitable for giant breeds who need ample room to stretch.
    • Less secure than crates:  May not offer optimal restraint in case of sudden stops or accidents.
    • Potential mess:  Accidents or drool can soak into the padding,  requiring thorough cleaning.

2. Car Boot Dog Crate:

For dogs who prefer privacy or get car sick, a car boot crate is a fantastic option. It provides a safe and enclosed space for them to feel secure and protected. Crates also offer peace of mind for owners, knowing their furry friend is safely contained during the ride.


    • Enhanced safety:  Crates offer excellent restraint in case of accidents or sudden stops.
    • Reduced anxiety:  The enclosed space can help anxious dogs feel secure and calm.
    • Prevent distractions:  Keeps your dog contained and prevents them from interfering with driving.


    • Limited visibility and interaction:  Your dog might feel isolated and miss out on car ride fun.
    • Bulkier and heavier:  Crates can be cumbersome to install and remove,  especially for larger sizes.
    • Less airflow:  Ensure proper ventilation to prevent overheating,  especially on longer journeys.
      dog car crate

3. Car Backseat Cover:

If you prioritize protecting your car's upholstery while offering your dog some comfort, a car backseat cover is a versatile choice. These typically resemble hammocks that drape over the backseat, creating a barrier between your car's interior and your furry friend.

dog car seat cover


    • Easy to install and remove:  Convenient for quick trips and errands.
    • Protects from dirt and hair:  Saves your car seats from muddy paws,  loose fur,  and drool.
    • Hammock design:  Helps keep your dog contained and prevents them from jumping around.


    • Limited comfort:  Not as plush or supportive as beds or crates for long journeys.
    • Doesn't offer restraint:  Requires additional tethering or harness attachment for secure travel.
    • Messy accidents:  Spills or accidents might seep through the cover,  requiring extra cleaning.

Remember, the ideal car seat for your large dog depends on their individual needs and preferences. Consider their size, temperament, anxiety levels, and travel habits when making your choice.

Top 5 Dog Car Seats for Large Dogs :

As promised, let's dive deeper into the fantastic features and considerations of each top car seat so you can make the perfect choice for your furry travel companion:

1. Where's Winnie Luxury Large Dog Car Seat:

    • Plush paradise:  Imagine a luxuriously quilted bed with cozy bolsters,  perfect for pampering your pup on long journeys.  Its high-quality materials like faux fur and vegan leather exude both comfort and elegance.
    • Safety first:  This car seat prioritizes your dog's security with a durable seat belt tether and a non-slip bottom that keeps the bed anchored even during sudden stops.
    • Easy clean-up:  Accidents happen,  but removable and washable covers make maintaining this beauty a breeze.  Simply toss them in the machine for a fresh start after every adventure.
    • Cons to consider:  While undeniably luxurious,  this car seat comes at a premium price tag.  Additionally,  its plush design might not be ideal for giant breeds needing the maximum amount of space.
      Luxury Large Dog Car Seat - Gunmetal Grey

2. Lelianne Designer Big Dog Car Seat:

    • Stylish and spacious:  This durable seat strikes the perfect balance between sleek aesthetics and practicality.  Its water-resistant base and removable lining protect your car from muddy paws and drool.
    • Room to roam:  Even large breeds can stretch out comfortably in this roomy car seat.  Plus,  the adjustable strap system ensures a secure fit for any size furry friend.
    • Convenience galore:  Cleaning is a breeze with the removable and washable cover,  while the handy storage pockets keep treats and toys readily accessible for your pup.
    • A bit bulky:  While sturdy,  this car seat's solid construction might be slightly cumbersome to install and remove,  especially in smaller vehicles.
      Designer Big Dog Car Seat | Olive Green XL

3. Lords & Labradors Double Easy Traveller:

    • Double the fun:  This versatile hammock-style seat caters to two small dogs or one large one,  making it ideal for families with multiple canine companions.  Storage pockets keep essentials within reach,  and the durable material withstands playful paws and adventurous journeys.
    • Space-saving design:  This hammock fits snugly over your car's backseat,  maximizing available space without compromising comfort.  It also folds compactly for easy storage when not in use.
    • Practicality reigns:  While less plush than some other options,  this car seat prioritizes functionality.  Its waterproof base and easy-to-clean material make it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and messy pups.
    • Limited snuggle factor:  Compared to luxurious beds,  this hammock design might not offer the same level of cozy enclosure for anxious or nervous dogs who prefer a more enclosed space.
      Lords & Labradors Double Easy Traveller Slate

4. Julibee's Large Car Dog Seat:

    • Budget-friendly comfort:  This affordable option proves that safety and comfort shouldn't break the bank.  Its durable design features a seat belt tether and non-slip bottom for secure travel.
    • Easy wash, happy pup:  Cleaning up after playful pups is a breeze with the removable and washable cover.  Simply detach it and toss it in the machine for a quick refresh.
    • Peace of mind safety:  This car seat offers the essential safety features you need,  including a secure tether and sturdy construction,  to keep your dog protected during car rides.
    • Simple style:  While not as flashy as some of its counterparts,  this seat focuses on practicality and functionality.  If you prioritize affordability and basic comfort,  this might be the perfect fit.
      Julibee's luxury large dog car seat

5. Julibees Vibrant Dog Car Seat:

    • A splash of color:  Add a touch of fun to your car interior with this stylish seat's vibrant design.  But this beauty is more than just looks - its water-resistant base and removable cover can handle any messy adventures.
    • Comfort and convenience:  Your pup will enjoy the plush padding and supportive bolsters,  while the built-in storage pockets keep essentials within reach.  Plus,  the non-slip bottom ensures your furry friend stays put during the ride.
    • Multi-talented travel companion:  This car seat boasts versatility,  functioning as a comfortable bed,  a handy travel mat,  or even a picnic blanket for outdoor adventures.
    • Durability trade-off:  While functional and stylish,  this seat might not be as durable as some options with heavier-duty materials.  Consider your dog's activity level and potential mess-making tendencies when making your choice.Julibee's vibrant large dog car seat

Remember, the ideal car seat for your large dog is a personal journey. By carefully considering the features, pros and cons, and matching them to your pup's needs and your travel habits, you can ensure every journey is a comfortable and memorable experience for both of you.  

Explore Beyond Reviews:

Don't rely solely on online reviews! To make an informed decision, consider these additional resources:

  • Dog Car Seat Shopping Guides:
    • Dog Friendly Tales:  This guide delves into various types of car seats, factors to consider, and even offers DIY car seat hammock instructions for the budget-conscious. 
    • Smart Bark:  This comprehensive guide explores safety features, types of car seats, and even highlights common mistakes to avoid when making your purchase.
  • Test the Fit:  Let your dog test out the car seat before purchasing to ensure comfort and size suitability.
  • Factor in Your Car:  Measure your car's seating area and door openings to prevent awkward fitting issues.

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Thanks for finally talking about >Road Trrip Ready: 5 Best Dog Car Seats for Large Dogs in 2024 – Julibee’s <Loved it!

Thanks for finally talking about >Road Trip Ready: 5 Best Dog Car
Seats for Largfe Dogs in 2024 – Julibee’s <Loved it!

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