2023 Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog (Part1: Mental&Homecoming)

2023 Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog (Part1: Mental&Homecoming)


Discover crucial insights and preparations for adopting or buying a dog. Understand the responsibilities, the essence of dog care, and create a welcoming environment for your new four-legged friend.

Chapter 1: Mental Preparation: Intentions

Before you rush to bring your furry friend home, let's pause for a moment. Are you truly ready? Ask yourself, why do you want to get a dog? What are your true intentions? While everyone's reasons may vary, the journey of life with a dog is not all smooth sailing. It's a process of mutual respect, understanding, and adaptation. Instead of focusing solely on the dog's appearance, try to understand what a dog inherently is. This foundation of your journey will significantly impact your future relationship with your dog.

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Chapter 2: Mental Preparation: Responsibility

Loving a dog is more than just adoring their cute looks or enjoying their tricks. It's about sharing your life with them, taking on the lifelong responsibility. Dogs come with unique smells, shed during certain seasons, bark, and might have accidents, especially when they are puppies. Can you handle these inconveniences? Different dogs have different natures and traits, which can lead to various behavioral issues. Are you willing to learn and accept these traits? Dogs need vaccinations, regular deworming, and can have health problems that require significant expenses. Are you financially prepared? Owning a dog means sacrificing some of your freedom. Spontaneous travel is nearly impossible. Are you ready to commit to your dog for the next decade or longer, regardless of life changes like moving, getting married, or having children? Reflect on these questions, and don't let your impulse lead to an unprepared decision.

Chapter 3: Mental Preparation: Who Am I, and What Do I Need?

Before buying or adopting a dog, ask yourself what kind of dog you truly want. Consider your daily routine. If you leave home at 7 AM and return at 11 PM, having a dog might not be feasible due to a lack of time for companionship. If you're a fitness enthusiast hoping your dog can be your exercise buddy, think twice before getting a brachycephalic breed like a Pug, as they may have breathing difficulties. It's crucial to understand your needs before choosing a dog based on appearance. Besides their looks, delve into the breed's personality traits, care requirements, breeding purposes, and history. This will help you make an informed decision that suits both you and the dog.

I want to emphasizes the importance of aligning your lifestyle and expectations with the dog you choose. It's not just about aesthetics; understanding the dog's needs and your own is key to a harmonious partnership.

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Chapter 4: Preparing for Homecoming: Scents

Dogs are known for their keen sense of smell. When you bring your puppy home, they'll primarily use their noses to explore their new environment. Ensure your home is clean, preferably using unscented products to avoid overwhelming their olfactory senses. You can also request items from the breeder that carry the mother or puppy's scent, which provides comfort. Moreover, avoid bathing your puppy if they get dirty due to motion sickness during the journey. This initial bath might increase their stress and risk of illness. Scent plays a crucial role in a dog's life. Making the introduction to your home gentle through familiar scents can ease the transition and build trust.

Chapter 5: Preparing for Homecoming: Lighting

Dogs perceive light and its variations more acutely than humans. Before bringing your puppy home, evaluate the lighting conditions in your house. Be mindful of possible shadows and reflections. These may disturb your puppy, leading to anxiety. Consider the use of lights, such as TVs or reflective objects, which might affect your puppy's comfort. It's advisable to adjust these elements in your home once your puppy feels secure and trusts their environment. Understanding a dog's sensitivity to light can be pivotal in ensuring their comfort. Gradual adjustments help in their adaptation to the new surroundings.

Chapter 6: Preparing for Homecoming: Sensory Environment

Don't overlook the tactile experience when preparing for your puppy. Dogs use their fur, whiskers, and paw pads to sense their surroundings. Provide various textures on the floor in their living area, such as rugs, mats, and non-slip surfaces. These considerations are essential for their bone health and sensory development. Avoid dressing your dog in clothes unless it's necessary for health or other reasons. Clothing can limit their ability to sense their environment, affecting their learning. The sensory environment is often underestimated but vital for a dog's well-being. By providing diverse textures and allowing them to feel their surroundings, you promote a healthier, happier pup.

Chapter 7: Preparing for Homecoming: Space Arrangement

Puppies require a limited and well-defined space. This smaller, clearly partitioned area provides them with comfort as they adapt to their new surroundings. It also minimizes potential dangers as puppies tend to explore by chewing on things. Ideally, place the puppy's space in a location where they can observe family activities. This proximity to their humans provides a sense of security and reduces excessive barking. Remember, the arrangement should accommodate rest, play, and potty areas. The size of this space varies based on your dog's size and your home. Creating a designated space for your puppy is essential for their safety and comfort. It helps them adapt to their new home and family.

Chapter 8: Preparing for Homecoming: Essentials for New Pet Parents

Crucially, make sure to prepare essential pet travel gear in advance to welcome your new puppy. If you're traveling by car, consider having a dog car seat. If you're using other means of transportation, a dog carrier bag is a great choice. These pet travel products are vital during the initial stages of a puppy's life. In addition to bringing them home, you might need them for trips to the veterinarian for check-ups and vaccinations. Especially for puppies that are not yet comfortable with walking and are wary of unfamiliar surroundings, dog car seats and dog carrier bags are absolute necessities.

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