How to find accommodations that accept two large dogs during traveling with dogs?

How to find accommodations that accept two large dogs during traveling with dogs?


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  • One of pet-travel lovers: Stacey Jolene who traveled with 4 dogs...7lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs & 62lbs. This is what she do and what she suggest:
  1. Identify a Suitable Property: Begin by searching for properties that meet your criteria and preferences.

  2. Review Property Details and Rules: Thoroughly examine the property's description and house rules to understand the applicable pet fee and the host's expectations.

  3. Contact the Property Owner: If you believe your needs align well with the property, irrespective of the number or size of your pets, initiate contact with the owner. In your communication, provide detailed information about your dogs, including their age, breed, weight, and the important note that they are all female to minimize the likelihood of marking inside the house. Emphasize that your dogs are experienced travelers and highlight your commitment to cleaning up after them. Additionally, convey that you always crate your dogs when they are left unattended.

  4. Await a Response: Be patient while waiting for a response from the property owner. In most instances, this leads to a dialogue with the owner and eventual approval. However, should the pet fee proposed by the owner appear excessive, it may be necessary to explore alternative accommodations.

Throughout your years of traveling with your dogs, it is customary to mention in your initial email that potential hosts should refer to your previous reviews, consistently reflecting a 5-star rating. Nevertheless, it is crucial to underscore your strict adherence to the property owner's rules. This includes bringing your own sheets to cover furniture and the bed, particularly considering that your dogs are accustomed to being on such surfaces. Moreover, unwavering dedication to cleaning up after your pets is essential, as this appears to be a primary concern for property owners.

Wishing you the best of luck in your pursuit of dog-friendly accommodations. Rest assured, it is indeed feasible! How to find accommodations that accept two large dogs

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