About Julibee's

We are a small business specializing in pet travel supplies, including dog car seats, walking gears, and pet carrier bags. We offer lifetime warranty, 30-day free return, and free shipping.

At the same time, we highly welcome partners who are committed to the pet retail industry, and hope to achieve long-term win-win cooperation.We have developed different cooperation plans for different pet related practitioners.

Including Wholesale, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, brand partnership, etc.

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We are committed to providing competitive products and services for pets and pet owners. We also hope to provide a wholesale pricing system that is win-win for both of us and our partners, such as pet supplies retailers.

If you are running a mature pet offline store or online store, and are interested in our pet travel supplies.

Please feel free to contact us: info@julibees.com



If you are a new business owner like us, who is just starting out in the pet industry, and you are struggling with the entire process of pet industry supply chain, pet industry products, logistics, after-sales, etc., then you can consider cooperating with us for a win-win situation.
We will provide competitive product prices and a full-process solution to help you start your pet retail business more quickly. You don't need to stock up, you don't need to develop products, you don't need to bear the cost of logistics, and you don't need to worry about marketing materials.

Please feel free to contact us: info@julibees.com

Affiliate Programme


If you are a pet-related content enthusiast, whether on Instagram, YouTube, or have your own blog, we also offer an affiliate program. We will provide you with highly competitive commissions, so you can enjoy significant long-term passive income.

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Brand Partnership


If you also happen to be running a brand that, like us, aims to serve pet owners who love to travel, we would be very happy to explore any form of brand partnership.

Please feel free to contact us: info@julibees.com