Collar or Harness for your dogs - Which one to pick? - JULIBEE'S SELECTED

Collar or Harness, Which one to pick? - Julibee's

Picking the right collar or harness for your puppy can be a difficult decision. After all, both have their pros and cons, and you want to make sure your puppy is comfortable and secure. To help you make the right choice for your pup, let's dive into the differences between collars and harnesses for puppies. 

  • Collar:¬†Collars¬†are¬†the¬†most¬†common¬†type¬†of¬†dog¬†accessory.¬†They're¬†typically¬†made¬†from¬†nylon¬†or¬†leather¬†and¬†are¬†designed¬†to¬†fit¬†snugly¬†around¬†your¬†pup's¬†neck.¬†Collars¬†provide¬†a¬†convenient¬†place¬†to¬†attach¬†tags¬†and¬†leashes,¬†but¬†they¬†don't¬†offer¬†much¬†support¬†or¬†security.¬†Many¬†puppies¬†can¬†easily¬†slip¬†out¬†of¬†their¬†collars¬†if¬†they¬†pull¬†hard¬†enough,¬†making¬†them¬†a¬†less¬†secure¬†option.
  • Harness:¬†Harnesses¬†offer¬†more¬†security¬†and¬†support¬†than¬†collars¬†do.¬†They¬†wrap¬†around¬†your¬†pup's¬†body,¬†distributing¬†pressure¬†across¬†their¬†chest¬†rather¬†than¬†their¬†neck.¬†This¬†helps¬†reduce¬†strain¬†on¬†your¬†pup's¬†neck¬†and¬†spine,¬†which¬†can¬†be¬†beneficial¬†for¬†dogs¬†who¬†pull¬†on¬†their¬†leashes.¬†In¬†addition,¬†harnesses¬†have¬†more¬†adjustable¬†straps¬†than¬†collars¬†do,¬†so¬†you¬†can¬†get¬†a¬†better¬†fit¬†for¬†your¬†puppy.

So which one should you pick? Ultimately, it depends on your pup's size and activity level. For larger breeds or active pups who like to pull on their leashes, a harness is usually the best option as it provides more security and support than a collar does. But if you have a small breed or a calm pup who doesn't pull too much on their leash, then a collar may be just fine. 

No matter which option you choose for your puppy, make sure that it fits properly and that you adjust it regularly as they grow up. Also, consider getting two accessories ‚Äď one collar and one harness - so that you have options depending on the situation. With the right collar or harness in place, you can ensure that your pup is both comfortable and secure! Check out our¬†Vibrant Urban Walking‚ĄĘ, find your favorite one.

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