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Who We Are

Hey, we are a young couple who loves to travel with our 4-year-old westie boy. Together, we have explored 4 continents and 17 countries.

Currently, my wife works as brand operation for a global pet brand, while I have dedicated myself entirely to our own pet brand, Julibee's, since March 2022.

During the initial discussions, we quickly found that our entrepreneurial ideas and direction aligned perfectly, and we knew it was the right path for us. Our goal is simple: we want to make it easy and enjoyable for every pet lover to take their furs out and experience the wonders of nature.

Every time we take our buddy out, whether for daily walks, socializing with other dogs, or hiking to admire breathtaking landscapes and observe wildlife, we see the sheer joy and happiness on our fur's face, and we can't help but be infected by it. Even during long and monotonous car rides, having our dog in the car creates an incredibly joyful and pleasant atmosphere. As a pet lover, you can surely relate to this indescribable feeling of joy that cannot be contained.

We aspire to create a delightful pet travel lifestyle brand that encourages pet parents and their dogs to embrace nature together and find healing in its presence.

What We Provide

We now offer the coziest and best dog car seats, practical and vibrant walking gears, pet carriers, portable dog beds and essential dog travel accessories. We believe our furry friends deserve to have a more comfortable space, whether they're at home or on the go. Comfort, convenience, and safety are our top priorities for every product.

Why Us

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About Us - Julibee Selected

🌱Our Nature Matters🌱

At Julibee's, we operate with an eco-friendly approach throughout the supply chain.

🎁Eco-friendly materials such as artificial leather, cotton and linen.

📦90% of our packaging made from D2W® biodegradable tech, No over-packaging.

🚚Carbon-neutral shipping.

About Us - Julibee Selected

🐕Our Furry Matters🐕

Lots of scientific studies have shown that dogs that are exposed to nature live longer, healthier lives.

🏕️That's why create Julibee's, we promote letting dogs into the outdoors and nature as much as possible.

🧸Non-toxic chemicals to ensure that our pets remain safe.

🛠️Function first, to keep your outdoor experience feel at ease.

about us

🧑‍🤝‍🧑We All Matter🧑‍🤝‍🧑

💝£0.2 of every sale will be donated to Pets As Therapy via Work for Good.

1️⃣Thanks to the support of our first 500+ customers, the first donation of £100 was successfully donated on August 2, 2023.