Our first donation of £100 to Pet As Therapy was successfully donated

Our first donation of £100 to Pet As Therapy was successfully donated


Julibee's Pawtitude💝Thanks to the support of 500+ customers, the first donation of £100 was successfully donated on August 2, 2023.💝£0.2 of every sale will be donated to Pet As Therapy via Work for Good.

Throughout, pets have never been just "pets" in the eyes of pet lovers. They are family, friends, and companions who stand by us in rescue missions or safety checks.

In 2022, my life faced unprecedented challenges, and whenever I sighed, my dog seemed to understand my thoughts and would come to comfort me, playfully licking my face as if saying, "What's wrong? Cheer up!" I believe all dog parents can feel this magical bond. My heart melted instantly, and all worries vanished as I silently embraced my dog, finding solace together.


This silent companionship helped me through tough times and encouraged me to strive for better. Eventually, I started this small business. From the beginning, I pondered whether I could do something more meaningful or valuable to encourage others facing similar challenges. That's when I stumbled upon Pet As Therapy, their ideas, and stories closely aligned with my experiences. Without hesitation, I reached out to them, hoping to establish a long-term partnership.

As a small business in its early stages, I understand that the help we can offer is limited, but we strive to do our best and stay true to our original intentions, persevering with unwavering dedication.

Once again, I extend my gratitude to the support of 500+ customers, and the first donation was successfully donated to Pet As Therapy on August 2, 2023.

I also want to express my heartfelt thanks to Pet As Therapy. Your assistance has touched the lives of many pets and humans, allowing us to find comfort in each other's presence.

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