FlexiPaws Aluminum Dog Wheelchair For Small and Medium Dogs

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Our FlexiPaws Dog Wheelchair is designed for small and medium dogs with hind-leg mobility challenges, whether due to injury, illness, or disability. It help dogs with disabilities live full and active lives.

Its a lightweight yet sturdy solution. The aerospace-grade aluminum construction ensures durability without adding unnecessary weight. The adjustable design accommodates various dog sizes, providing a customized fit.

The wheelchair is easy to clean and store, and it won't hinder your dog's natural bathroom breaks. Equipped with shock-absorbing EVA baby stroller-grade tires, it offers a smooth and comfortable ride. Plus, there's no assembly required, making it ready for immediate use.

Please feel welcome to contact us if you have any questions or customization needs: help@julibees.com Or Whatsapp : +447709723165

💎High-quality Aluminum: Our wheelchair is designed with lightweight yet durable materials to ensure your furry friend can move with ease.

🌟Smooth Ride: Equipped with EVA baby stroller-grade tires, our wheelchair provides a comfortable and shock-absorbing ride for your pet.

🐾Soft harness and foot fasten strap: Your dog's comfort is a priority.

📏Adjustable for More Sizes: With multiple adjustable settings, it's perfect for a variety of small and medium dog breeds, providing a customized fit for your pup.

🏡Easy to Clean and Store: The wheelchair's detachable modular design makes it simple to clean and store or transport when not in use.

🧩No Assembly Required: Our product is ready for use right out of the box, so your pet can enjoy increased mobility without delay.

What include:

  • Installation tools
  • Wheels
  • Spare rod
  • Main Frame


  • XS 2.5 lbs (1.15 kg)
  • S 3.8 lbs (1.75 kg)


aluminum, polyester, EVA.

Other information

This product is a customized product, which will take 3-5 days longer to ship than regular shipping. The return policy will also be different accordingly. For details, please see our return policy

1. Cleaning:
Detachable part is machine-washable.
2. Adjustment:
Periodically check the adjustment settings to ensure they remain secure.
Re-adjust the wheelchair to accommodate your dog's growth or changing needs as required.
3. Maintenance:
Inspect all parts for wear and tear. Replace any damaged components promptly.
Ensure wheels and moving parts are free from obstructions or debris.

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