Flora Pet Cone Collar

Color: Purple
Size: Medium

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The perfect blend of comfort and functionality for your furry friend's recovery period. This unique recovery collar offers five key features to ensure a stress-free and pleasant healing experience for your pet: waterproof & breathable material, adjustable drawstring, larger diameter, lightweight, better vision with flower design. It's an essential gear for pet wound recovery and pet surgery.

🌸 Soft, Breathable, and Waterproof: Our collar is made from soft cotton filling and waterproof breathable fabric, providing maximum comfort while protecting against spills and dirt.

🎛️ Adjustable Drawstring Design: Easily adjust the collar's size to fit your pet perfectly, ensuring a snug and secure fit during the healing process.

🐾 Larger Diameter for Enhanced Protection: Unlike conventional cone collars, our Flower Pet Cone Collar has a larger diameter, preventing your beloved pet from licking or biting their wound more effectively.

💡 Lightweight: Your pet will hardly notice the collar's presence due to its lightweight design, making their recovery more manageable.

🌸Stylish and Practical: The flower design not only adds a touch of elegance but also allows your pet to maintain their vision, unlike traditional cone collars that can obstruct their line of sight.

Material: waterproof nylon fabric, pp cotton.

Weight: M 116g (0.25 lbs); L 130g(0.28 lbs).

Outer diameter: M 29cm; L 33cm

Flower Pet Cone Collar size chart
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More Details

Store in a dry place when not in use.
Ensure a comfortable and clean healing experience for your beloved pet with proper care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Laura G.

My kitty loves this collar. It looks comfortable!

Thank you for your support

Lisa A.

My cat doesn't mind this collar at all. It's super soft and adjustable, which I love.

Thank you for your support

Mary L.

I bought two of these collars for my puppy and cat. They're adjustable, cute, and durable.

Thank you for your support

Sarah W.

I got this for a friend whose elderly cat needed it after an infected bite. It did the job well, even if the cat wasn't thrilled about it.

Thank you for your support

Michael C.

This collar is a far better alternative to the traditional cone. It's soft and comfortable; my cat even naps in it. Highly recommended!

Thank you for your support

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